Choosing a Professional Pressure Washing Contractor

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Hiring a professional contractor for your pressure washing needs can seem like an impossible task. There are hundreds of pressure washing contractors. How do you choose the best contractor for your home? Who is the most professional? What are you looking for anyway?

Choosing a professional contractor shouldn’t be a huge mystery. We’re breaking down the common questions you should ask any pressure washing contractor you’re thinking of working with.

What Is Your Pressure Washing Process?

Knowing how a contractor works and what their cleaning process is can help you plan for your next pressure washing project. Any professional contractor should be able to walk you through their cleaning process, no matter what project you’re looking to complete.

You should ask:

  • The process the team goes through before starting a project
  • The timeframe needed to complete a project
  • What materials are used throughout the project
  • The number of technicians that will be required to work on your project

Asking questions will allow you to understand what you can expect from the contractor as well as what they might expect from you. A preliminary question such as this can also help you gauge how this particular contractor engages with their customers and how open they are in their information. Open communication is important to the overall success of your cleaning projects, and pressure washing companies should know that – whether you’re looking for a house washing or a concrete cleaning.

Can I Have A List Of References?

Any professional contractor worth looking into has testimonials and references available for prospective clients. Many pressure washing contractors have testimonials and recent projects posted to their websites. However, having professional references from a pressure washing contractor is important in showing that they are able to work with clients effectively.

If a contractor hesitates or refuses to provide a list of references to potential clients, it is best to find another contractor to work with. This can indicate a lack of communication with clients or even a lack of satisfaction in previous clients.

Can I See A Copy Of Your Insurance Documents?

Pressure washing is a dangerous endeavor even with professionals at the helm of a project. There is always the risk of an accident, whether that accident is a broken window, an injury, or something else entirely. This is why it is important for your pressure washing contractor to have up-to-date insurance.

When looking at insurance documents, you want to ensure your contractor has both workers’ compensation and liability insurance so you don’t end up having to pay anything for any accidents that result from your project. A good pressure washing company will show you their insurance documentation to ensure you’re comfortable choosing their company.

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