Soft Washing – Eco-Friendly and Safer Than Pressure Washing

Soft washing is a cleaning method thatís used to kill and remove mold, mildew, dirt, algae, moss, and more from surfaces. Itís eco-friendly and safer than pressure washing.

It uses a combination of bleach and water. You can purchase commercial-grade 12.5% bleach at any local hardware or home goods store. Learn more by clicking here.

Itís Eco-Friendly

Using a combination of low-pressure water spray and specialized cleaning solutions, soft washing cleans and sanitizes surfaces without the risk of damage that can be caused by high-pressure cleaning methods. This increasingly popular method has many benefits for homeowners looking to maintain their propertyís curb appeal, ensure a healthy living environment, and save on costly repairs and replacements down the road.

For instance, soft washing doesnít just wash away mildew and mold spores from the surface of your homeís exterior; it kills them at a molecular level to prevent them from returning. It also uses safe and biodegradable cleaning chemicals that are guaranteed to be effective in removing and killing bacteria.

These cleaning solutions are diluted with water and can include bleach (which is a powerful disinfectant), surfactants that help the cleaner spread and penetrate grime, and even odor removers to leave your home smelling fresh and clean. In addition, these cleaning solutions are eco-friendly, so they donít harm your landscaping and home and wonít run off into the surrounding environment to contaminate soil and groundwater.

Itís Safe

Soft washing is one of the safest cleaning methods available, especially when done by a professional who has extensive experience in both soft and pressure washing. It uses lower PSI (pressure per square inch), so itís much less likely to damage surfaces, even brick.

In addition to being gentle on surfaces, soft wash chemical solutions are able to penetrate cracks and pores to break down mildew, dirt, mold, and other debris. After the solution has dwelled for a few minutes, itís rinsed off with very low water pressure.

In addition, a fungicidal treatment is often included in the cleaning solution to kill and deter fungus, mildew, moss, and algae. A surfactant is also added, which reduces surface tension and enables the solution to spread out and cling to the dirt. A neutralizing agent is also used after the washing to ensure any chlorine in the soil doesnít damage plants.

Itís Effective

In the 1990s, it was widely believed that powerful pressure washing was the best way to clean exterior surfaces. However, it quickly became clear that high pressure was not only ineffective but also caused damage, such as blasting the aggregate off roof shingles. This led to the development of soft washing, a cleaning method that uses a reduced pressure stream and chemical cleaners.

Soft washing effectively removes mold, mildew, dirt, and stains from many surfaces. It also helps to sanitize and protect against future buildup, as well as kill harmful microorganisms and pathogens.

Additionally, soft washing is ideal for second-story homes, as it can be used to reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to access without balancing precariously on a ladder. This makes it an excellent option for homeowners looking to improve their homeís curb appeal and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Itís Affordable

It takes professional-grade equipment to effectively softwash your home, and that equipment is costly. It also requires the right cleaning chemicals and proper washing procedures to prevent damage. This is why itís far more cost-effective to hire an experienced softwashing professional.

Soft washing includes spraying a salt-based cleaner (similar to household bleach) with water at low pressures, often below 500PSI. This cleaning solution helps remove organic-based stains from roofs and other building surfaces. This cleaner contains 12.5% sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, which kills mold and mildew spores, algae, mosses, and lichens.

These harmful organisms can shorten the lifespan of your roof, cause damage to vinyl siding, and harm outdoor rooted plants. Regularly soft-washing your house can help extend the life of these structures while keeping you and your family healthy. This is why soft washing is well worth the investment for your home! Check out this interesting post!

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